Performance and Data

How does AnalyticsWP store data? Will AnalyticsWP affect the performance of my site? We'll address these great questions here.

How is the data stored? Will performance be impacted?

AnalyticsWP stores all data in just one highly optimized database table on your server. It uses advanced software engineering techniques and algorithms to optimize data storage, ensuring maximum efficiency even if the table grows to millions of rows:
  • Scalability: AnalyticsWP has been battle-tested on sites with millions of visits and is completely compatible with all hosting environments.
  • Performance as a top priority: Every database read and write is highly optimized and indexed. Intelligent use of caching and asynchronous operations throughout ensure peak performance.
  • No Direct File System Writes: We never write directly to the file system. Everything is handled within a single custom database table which AnalyticsWP sets up.
  • Complete control over your data: With AnalyticsWP you get complete, full, unimpeded access to every single event that every gets recorded. It's all right there in your database. You can export it, import it, clean it up, write custom SQL queries, write extensions...there is no limit.

How does AnalyticsWP affect front-end load times and page speed?

AnalyticsWP is hyper-optimized for performance, with a particular focus on having no effect on page load times:
  • Minimal JavaScript: The script file that AnalyticsWP loads is less than 1.4kB, which is about 35x smaller than the script loaded by Google Analytics.
  • Asynchronous: When someone visits your site, AnalyticsWP will wait until the visitor's page is fully loaded before doing anything. This further improves performance.
  • Page Speed Scores: Loading AnalyticsWP on a page is approximately equivalent to loading a to-scale photo of a grain of rice on your site. It won't impact your PageSpeed Insights score. 


  • I'm worried about your plugin doing all the numbers on my server and creating a huge database. So how does it work?: You sound like a responsible site owner! Keeping your site fast and lean is very important - we feel the same way about our own sites. Luckily, AnalyticsWP was built from the ground up to work well on WordPress sites. Every event is compressed and stored in a single database table, which uses battle-tested strategies for performance and scalability. Your server won't even notice that AnalyticsWP is installed!
  • How does AnalyticsWP impact my website's compliance with GDPR and other privacy regulations?
    AnalyticsWP is built with privacy in mind. We provide tools that make it easy for you to comply with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations. You can read more about this at
  • What happens if my website gets a lot of traffic? Will AnalyticsWP be able to handle it?
    Yes, AnalyticsWP is built to scale. It can handle high traffic volumes effortlessly due to its optimized database structure and efficient data handling practices. Whether your site has hundreds or millions of visitors, AnalyticsWP operates smoothly without impacting your site's performance.
  • Is there any maintenance required to keep AnalyticsWP running smoothly?
    AnalyticsWP is designed to be no-maintenance. Once installed, it runs automatically. We handle all the complex optimizations in the background so you don’t have to worry about ongoing maintenance. Regular updates are provided to ensure optimal performance and security.
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