AnalyticsWP & GDPR

Many of our potential customers ask about GDPR compliance. At AnalyticsWP, we proactively address these concerns to ensure our customers feel confident about our plugin's compliance, leading to a smooth and reassuring purchase process.

Is AnalyticsWP GDPR Compliant?

Absolutely! AnalyticsWP is designed with privacy and GDPR compliance in mind. Here’s how we ensure it:
  • Absolutely no data sharing: Data is never sent to our servers. We don't even have servers. This is an entirely native, first-party solution built for and only for WordPress sites.
  • Integration with Cookie Consent Plugins: AnalyticsWP can integrate with your favorite cookie consent plugin. It won’t store any private data unless explicit consent is given by the user. It's very simple to set up AnalyticsWP with any consent solution.

How Does AnalyticsWP Compare to Other Tools?

We sometimes get emails from people noting that other tools like Plausible, Fathom, and Independent Analytics don't require a cookie consent banner. It's important to understand that this is because these tools perform much less than AnalyticsWP. They only offer a small subset of the functionalities provided by AnalyticsWP, and it's not a fair comparison.
  • Other tools use 3rd Party Cookies and Scripts: These tools often use third-party cookies and scripts, and send data to their servers, which results in them being blocked by a very large percentage of browsers and ad blockers.
  • Other solutions are lacking features. Many analytics solutions (such as the ones listed above) only provide you with basic aggregate page view data. AnalyticsWP goes much deeper, showing you in-depth journeys on your site. With AnalyticsWP you can truly understand how people are interacting with your site.
  • AnalyticsWP uses only First-Party technology: AnalyticsWP operates entirely with first-party data, meaning it does not get blocked by browsers and ad blockers. This ensures higher accuracy and reliability. This is a unique capability of AnalyticsWP, which leverages the fundamental self-hosted nature of WordPress. This is what makes AnalyticsWP feel magically accurate.
  • AnalyticsWP is simply different: Compared to other solution, AnalyticsWP is in a completely different league. It has significantly more features, capabilities, technologies, all while instantly working on any WordPress site with zero setup. It's successfully used on thousands of websites, including many EU-based sites, providing comprehensive and accurate analytics without compromising on privacy or compliance.

Do I have to comply with GDPR?

That's up to you. AnalyticsWP makes compliance very easy.

How is the data stored? Will performance of my site be impacted?

AnalyticsWP stores data within a single, highly optimized custom table on your server and will not slow down your site. We have a dedicated page to explain this:

Example of how to conditionally disable tracking

The only necessary step is to prevent the loading of the analyticswp.js script located by default at where serves as a placeholder for purposes of illustration.

Make sure to replace this value with your domain, and ensure the script is being loaded from this url. Depending on your hosting provider or any caching or performance solutions/plugins you might be using, the url could differ.

The simplest way to block this script is by using a free consent plugin such as, but not limited to, complianz.

If using Complianz, simply follow these steps:
  • Install and configure Complianz to meet your businesses’s consent needs.
  • Add the AnalyticsWP script to the list of scripts that is blocked when consent is not provided by the user. (see screenshot above)
Please note that the Complianz plugin is subject to change, and we have no control over this plugin. If you run into any issues, please reach out to their support.

Alternatively, you can also dequeue the AnalyticsWP script via PHP added to your 'functions.php' file or via any free and popular code snippets plugin. You can do this with a call to the WordPress 'dequeue_script' function using the handle “analyticswp”.
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