Last updated on July 12, 2024
July 11, 2024

Version 1.8
Important Update - Major performance improvements.

This version of AnalyticsWP includes significant performance improvements. We worked with multiple customers, running everything from tiny shared servers to large dedicated high-traffic servers, to identify and fix performance related issues. 

Other additions in this update include:

- The concept of "multiple referrers" for any given order. This is a feature our own team has wanted for a while. The scenario: someone first comes to your site from a Facebook Ad, and then a couple weeks later they come from a Google search, and then finally they come from a block post before making a purchase. Where did the order come from? Facebook, Google, or the blog? AnalyticsWP will now surface all three as multiple referrers.

The same will apply for users that come to your site and signup, for example on a content site that does not use WooCommerce.

- Dozens of smaller improvements, code cleanup, etc.
June 27, 2024

Version 1.7
AnalyticsWP Integrates Advanced Crawler Detection

AnalyticsWP, a leader in privacy-focused and accurate WordPress analytics, is proud to announce the release of its latest version, 1.7, which now features a native integration with the industry-leading Crawler Detector (, enhancing its capabilities in identifying and filtering non-human traffic.

This significant update addresses a common challenge website owners face: the skewing of analytics data by bots and crawlers. By integrating with the Crawler Detector AnalyticsWP v1.7 ensures that analytics reports are more accurate and reflective of actual human activity on users’ websites.

Key Benefits of the Crawler Detector Integration:

Enhanced Accuracy: Users will see a more accurate representation of visitor counts and behavior as data skewed by bots and crawlers is systematically identified and excluded.

Improved Performance: Reducing the load of processing non-human visits, the new integration allows for better resource allocation and faster website performance.

Advanced Analytics Insights: With cleaner data, users gain deeper insights into real user engagement, helping to drive more effective business and content strategies.

Seamless User Experience: The integration operates in the background with no additional setup required from the user, ensuring that the AnalyticsWP experience remains as user-friendly as ever.

“We're simply excited to continue improving our product with this introduction of Crawler Detector integration,” said Mike, Founder of AnalyticsWP. “Our commitment has always been to provide the most accurate, privacy-compliant analytics solutions to WordPress users, and this update is a big step forward in fulfilling that promise.”

The update is immediately available to all existing AnalyticsWP users and can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository.
May 23, 2024

Version 1.6
This awesome new update includes foundational support for custom events, paving the road for exciting new partner integrations.
March 4, 2024

Version 1.5
This is an important update for any existing users of AnalyticsWP. We've upgraded and migrated our licensing servers as part of this update to better support a growing number of customers. This includes an all new my account experience on In addition to these changes, the plugin has been improved in the areas of filters, journeys, and WooCommerce HPOS support, and settings to exclude certain users by role from tracking.

What’s new

  • Existing users, please update immediately. Our licensing system has been migrated and upgraded. You do not need to do anything besides upgrade the plugin to this new version.
  • New settings and functionality.
       - You can now exclude specific user roles from tracking. For example, disable tracking of admins.
       - You can now manage access to the AnalyticsWP dashboards by user roles.
  • WooCommerce HPOS (High-Performance Order Storage) support.
  • Improved filtering and performance for viewing journeys within the admin dashboard.
Feb 29, 2024

Version 1.4
This release includes significant updates in the following areas: WooCommerce integration (especially for guest checkouts) and different Timezone support. As with every release, this includes dozens of "small" tweaks and improvements. Updating is highly recommended.

What’s new

  • Timezone support. AnalyticsWP will now properly report data based on the WordPress site's timezone settings. We've also added additional robustness in the rare case of a site's database default time being set to something other UTC.
  • WooCommerce integration upgrades. AnalyticsWP will now register conversions properly for WooCommerce stores that allow guest checkouts, and those that integrate with various shipping/logistics/upsell services that change the core WooCommerce flow. 
  • Added the concept of "Anonymous visitor with a conversion". This is useful for guest checkouts, but also for sites that make use of custom conversion events in the future.

What’s fixed

  • Truncating overly long strings - usually landing page and referrer urls - throughout the admin UI.
Feb 22, 2024

Version 1.3
In version 1.3 we focused on performance and optimization improvements, namely to the JavaScript file that is loaded by AnalyticsWP. At the time of this release the file has been reduced to a fairly negligible 1.3Kb.

What’s new

  • Significant UI improvements. Total redesign of all the major components.
  • User journeys are now visualized in one place.
  • Improvements to individual journey timelines. Added device and time between events.

What’s fixed

  • AnalyticsWP will now properly function on WordPress installations which are within a subdomain or subdirectory. There was an issue with the admin dashboard not loading for certain users with this setup. This issue did not affect data collection, just rendering the chart for admins.
Feb 14, 2024

Version 1.2
This release includes the new realtime visitors functionality as well as various tweaks, improvements, and bug-fixes as requested by our initial batch of customer.

What’s new

  • Realtime visitors display within the dashboard

What’s fixed

  • Flickering sub-menu items within the admin UI.
  • Development: Improved the experience of switching between dev and production mode.
Feb 8, 2024

Version 1.0
The initial public release of AnalyticsWP v1.0 was launched on February 8th, 2024. This is not a beta version, the plugin at this point has undergone many months of usage across our companies and a select group of existing customers of our other product.

Core functionalities and features

  • Entirely 1st-party analytics
  • Confirmed to be Ad-blocker resistant 
  • Website statistics and journeys of users
  • One-click WordPress installation. WooCommerce integrated.

Shockingly accurate WordPress analytics.
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